Libyan rebels out of cash.. Again

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How many times have these Libyan “revolutionaries” (read as CIA backed terrorists) begged the outside world for additional funds in order to continue their barbaric civil war? The answer is far too many. A couple of days ago their oil chief has said that they have run out of money. The pure insanity of such a claim is revealed when one realizes the Libyan rebels are selling thousands of barrels of oil a day in order to buy more ammunition’s in order to take the “power base of Tripoli” and remove the tyrant that is Gaddafi.

It is amazing that no one (mass media) has asked what exactly will these Libyans do differently once “they” (read as Zionist members of the United Nations) manage to kill off Gaddafi and his whole family. Will they suddenly turn the country into a hardcore Islamic regime like Egypt has become once Mubarak fell? The civil war occurring in Libya has no winner for the Libyan people. The Libyan people in the end will lose their natural resources and wealth to the power-hungry Zionists. I honestly hope these Libyan rebels are out of weapons and funding for they are no better than the Gaddafi regime (actually a lot worse) for they torture, burn, behead and lynch surrendered members of Gaddafi’s army. Is that the “revolutionary” change Libya was waiting for this whole time?

Unfortunately, the videos  has all been taken off to hide the truth once again but here is the site where this information was revealed:


A rant: Depressing reality.

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Ever find yourself watching T.V/ reading a book/ just daydreaming and feel a small click happen in your brain?

This small click triggers several realizations about the surroundings around you and how hopelessly lost you are in ever combating or solving (or even understanding) the several hundred global issues plaguing our society. Issues in which you are partly also to blame due to the lack of effort on your part to actually do anything on the matter but sit back on your cozy chair and spout your own rhetoric hoping the problem will go away. You may actually try to combat the problem by joining a group that shares your view-point and spread awareness but all in all what does that accomplish?

The answer: nothing.

It may give you the sense that you are committing a good deed but in reality the environmental degradation continues to exist, illegal wars continue to kill the innocent and the people who have allowed such global atrocities continue to live their lives in utmost joy.

Depressing? Very.

Some people have religion to look towards. I for one embrace the teachings of the bible, the Koran, and other religious texts. However, like everything else in our society religion is twisted to fulfill the needs of the few. The result, more hate is created in the world negating the positive teachings of such holy scriptures.

You grow angry only because you realize how hopeless you are. How many lies you have been fed throughout your life .
You don’t even know proper history.
You can’t truly think on your own without the constant ‘liberal’, ‘conservative’, ‘leftist’ teachings bombarding your mind.
You are weak in body, spirit and mind.

You realize that,

We live in denial.
We say we have freedom when we do not.
We use words which have lost their meaning and think nothing of it.
We preach hypocrisy
We believe a diploma proves anything

Suddenly, this phase of realization disappears. You are contempt in only thinking about your own insignificant problems and positive thoughts begin to fill your mind. Slogans such as “Hope and Change” and other cliché crap take a hold of you. You became happy and optimistic. You continue the life you had dismissing these realizations until the next “click” occurs.

The same cycle continues. You become angry that you have uncovered your true settings then you dismiss these thoughts. You continue this cycle until you die.

Then you are happy.


Back to Basics

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It has been often said, with good reason, that this world is too complicated, moves too fast, and is too concerned with materialism. There is much evidence to support such an assertion. To keep things simple, however, I offer one simple way to combat this state of being.

Pick up a book and read it from cover to cover.

That’s all. Do it as often as you can and at your own pace.

Why would this be important? Well, while there are many other ways of slowing down and removing ourselves from this hectic world reading and books are in the unique position of offering almost limitless pleasure while stimulating the intellect at the same time. You could take a walk around the block every day but that will get boring and repetitive; not so with books. With millions of them out there, the pages within a book have to give.

The more practical reason is also because we simply don’t read enough. We have access to more information almost instantaneously and yet we have huge numbers of citizens shockingly ill-informed about the world they live in. Many waste their time in pursuit of the most trivial things life can offer.

However, since I’m not one to order people around and tell them what to do (that’s the libertarian in me) I will not go any further. I will end by suggesting that you find yourself a good book and start reading.

Protests in Greece turn ugly; PM to retire

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After 22 days of peaceful protests by thousands of individuals a handful of masked youths have created chaos in the center of Athens by throwing stones at police, burning garbage and getting into fights with peaceful protestors who tried to stop them from creating any greater harm. Meanwhile, the socialist government in power is slowly dying off as members of the party are either quitting their position or looking for new leadership. The prime minister, Papandreou even went as far as requesting a unity government with the opposition in order to calm the nerves of the thousands of protestors. The opposition party however would only accept these terms only if the prime minister would retire and that the IMF terms were re-examined. In response the Greek prime minister said that his position does not matter and is willing to leave the leadership to another individual. As such there seems to be some hope in Greece as rumour are once again spreading that there are only a handful of days left before the bailout money will be accepted.

Update: I wrote this in the morning and went out for some shopping. When I returned the PM of Greece went back on his word and stated the same sad story how he will continue his “work” alone for the good of the country. It seems some politicians are truly sold out and lack any real patriotic spirit.

Libya: A chess game? Not really.

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Yesterday Libyan state television depicted the true leader of the state Gaddafi playing chess with the  Russian head of the World Chess federation. It has been four months since the barbaric assaults on Libya began in which CIA funded “revolutionaries” took arms against Gaddafi and brought the once prosperous African country to it knees. Libya is essentially divided in two with the rebels controlling the key oil deposits and are willing to sell these vital Libyan assets for weapons and not for the good of the Libyan people. It is common knowledge that the “revolutionaries” have roots with islamic roots and it is laughable that the “true voice of Libya” has never stated what they intend to do if they win this civil war which is almost guaranteed with the amount of support they are receiving from the corrupt members of NATO and from the agencies of the financial crippled United States. It is only a matter of time before the Gaddafi regime topples over, supplies are running low and there seems to be no international uproar over what is occurring in this region of the world. Once again the world stands still as thousands of innocent civilians lose their lives from greedy sub humans seeking to profit from misery. Its shocking knowing that no protests will occur in the countries that are participating in this massacre. The media has done a fine job in once again feeding lies to the mass public. I might as well be the first to say this: Farewell Libya.

Is China the Next America? Part 4: The Strengths of America

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To put up a valiant resistance against a foreign invader has been the rule rather than the exception throughout history. The resistance put up by people all over Iraq and Afghanistan is no different. It has cost the lives of thousands of troops since the wars began. Politically and economically things are not much better in either country: Iraq is plagued by sectarian violence between the Shia, Sunni and the Kurds while Afghanistan hardly fits the definition of a nation-state with tribal violence and the consistent attacks on coalition troops by the Taliban and allied forces in Pakistan. Like Vietnam, Afghanistan is a death-trap for foreigners and Barack Obama’s plan to send 17,000 more troops will do nothing to alleviate the situation, indeed it will only make it worse. This will only drain American power and wealth but will alone, not lead to a collapse of American hegemony. The United States still has the most nuclear weapons, the most aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines and with over 1000 bases around the world the United States military is unrivalled. For the fiscal year of 2009 the U.S military budget rose to “$515.4 billion, adding emergency discretionary spending and supplemental spending brings the sum to $651.2 billion” this adds up to about 45% of the world’s military spending . There is no denying that this path is unsustainable in the long-term, therefore the United States needs to withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan and all countries currently occupied by America bases. A return to a traditional American foreign policy developed by the Founding Fathers whereby the United States would not get involved in foreign conflicts is required for its own survival. American armed forces would never be used to support the military-industrial complex supporting corporations that is detrimental to the American taxpayer.

Early 2008 was the beginning of the current global financial crisis. Stock markets have fallen, large financial institutions have collapsed or have been bought out and governments have had to resort to massive rescue packages to bail out their financial systems. The United States is among the countries coping with the financial crisis and many speculate that this crisis will diminish the country’s status as the world leading superpower. However, it should be noted that this is a global financial crisis and other ‘rival’ countries that could usurper the United States as the leading powerhouse have to deal with problems far greater than those afflicting America. Historically, the United States has been to able to withstand serious breakdowns in the orderly function of the global financial system. “In 1987 the Dow Jones share index fell by more than 20% in one day. In 2000, the dot-com bubble burst. Yet both times, the US picked itself up, as it did post Vietnam.” This is in contrast to other countries who are faced with the same problem and are unable to regain their economical footing. The EU has created for itself many more problems than the United States could ever have.

The Euro is a recent creation that has not been proven to survive major economic downturns; this current crisis will test its strength. With the addition of former communist countries in Eastern Europe which have always had fragile financial systems and rely heavily on foreign investments, Europe is in trouble. Austrian banks have invested over 270 billion in Eastern European countries, totaling “over 70% of its GDP”. The Polish and Hungarian housing markets and currencies have crashed with aid being requested from the IMF, “Hungary …secured $26 billion in loans from the IMF, the EU and the World Bank“# while Poland‘s “zloty declined more than 17 percent against the dollar and 6.8 percent versus the euro” Romania recently requested a loan of almost 20 billion dollars due to its currency (leu) dropping “more than 14 percent against the dollar and 3.2 percent against the euro” The Baltic States are also in a horrible economic and political state with the government of Latvia falling recently after receiving a “$9.43 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and as part of the deal to cut public spending and increase taxes”. Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Serbia, and Romania have all taken IMF loans in an effort to withstand the economic crisis and more European countries are following the same path. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are all destined to face economic hardships and none of them would be able to survive better than the United States.

Greece: 19 days of protest, rumours of Junta

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Greek citizens have taken the streets in Athens for 19 consecutive days in protest against the austerity measures being implemented by the ruling Socialist party in order to guarantee the next ‘bailout’ money from the IMF/Euro zone. The austerity measures that have already been implemented have reduced the economic powers of the middle and lower classes of Greece. Retirement funds and holiday payments have already been eliminated, large portions of government-owned utilities have already been sold off for ridiculously low prices and more state-owned utilities are being targeted in order to raise funds to make a dent to the colossal debt accumulated over 35 years of family ruled governance.Despite the constant protests occurring the ruling Socialist government has said and done little in order to stem the growing anger from the thousands of individuals who attend with rumours saying that if things get out of hand the prime minister will take a tunnel which is underneath the Syntagma and simply disappear.]Think Argentina escapee style

The answer is simple and has already been stated in this blog countless of times. Greece must leave the Euro zone and re-establish the drachma. Only then will the country reach have freedom from the loan sharks from the IMF. However, it is troubling to see that there are rumours that another junta might be propped into Greece if things don’t go as planned (i.e the bailout money is voted in and more austerity measures are adopted). Whats more troubling are that these rumors are coming from the CIA. It is well-known that the United States has a long history of involving itself in the affairs of Greece and were responsible for the Junta that occurred in 1967. One can only hope that these rumours are false and that the Greece will finally become a free nation.