9/11: The Greatest Lie of our Century.

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10 years ago a great lie was told to the world. A lie in which resulted in the loss of our human rights in the name of freedom. A lie in which several wars were born and thousands of human lives were lost all in the name of freedom. A lie in which has led the world economy closer to economic collapse. All of this was done in the name in freedom. In order to fight the imaginary organization of al-Qaeda we must sacrifice our rights, our beliefs and even our morals. For during these 10 years of constant wars, murders, illegal arrests and media propaganda we began to believe that what was going on was right. It was really for the better good. All those Muslims getting blown apart for just being there deserved it! The illegal occupations of countries was for the security of the world! The inhuman conditions in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and in all those secret CIA prison camps were rightfully done! The water boarding, the wire taping of civilians was all for FREEDOM.

As such we became part of the lie. Having lost our common sense we could no longer distinguish between right and wrong. There was no wrong. There was only right. Whatever happened to those innocent individuals in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and in Libya was all collateral damage. We stopped questioning all the hypocrisy. We just assumed that the government would never lie to us. Why would they?! They are obviously protecting us. Obviously Al- Qaeda is beyond the grasp of the CIA and FBI! Obviously Osama bin Laden must be a mastermind to have led such an organization! We became part of the lie and we continue to fuel it with our sheepish manner. We don’t question how the twin towers fell, we don’t question why we invade countries our population had no idea existed on the map, we don’t question who funded Al-Qaida and most importantly we don’t question when this will end. When does the “War on Terror” stop when your government is the one creating and fuelling terror?

It never does. Not until you lose your sanity. Not until you lose everything even yourself. When 9/11 rolls around again pay respect not only to those that have died in the Twin Towers but also those who have died in all the illegal wars committed in our “battle” against Al- CIAda and those who suffer daily in the countless detention camps. Lastly pay respect to yourself. For you (you may not realize yet) have lost the most important aspects of yourself you are nothing more than a pawn to be used.

That is if you wake up.



A rant: Depressing reality.

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Ever find yourself watching T.V/ reading a book/ just daydreaming and feel a small click happen in your brain?

This small click triggers several realizations about the surroundings around you and how hopelessly lost you are in ever combating or solving (or even understanding) the several hundred global issues plaguing our society. Issues in which you are partly also to blame due to the lack of effort on your part to actually do anything on the matter but sit back on your cozy chair and spout your own rhetoric hoping the problem will go away. You may actually try to combat the problem by joining a group that shares your view-point and spread awareness but all in all what does that accomplish?

The answer: nothing.

It may give you the sense that you are committing a good deed but in reality the environmental degradation continues to exist, illegal wars continue to kill the innocent and the people who have allowed such global atrocities continue to live their lives in utmost joy.

Depressing? Very.

Some people have religion to look towards. I for one embrace the teachings of the bible, the Koran, and other religious texts. However, like everything else in our society religion is twisted to fulfill the needs of the few. The result, more hate is created in the world negating the positive teachings of such holy scriptures.

You grow angry only because you realize how hopeless you are. How many lies you have been fed throughout your life .
You don’t even know proper history.
You can’t truly think on your own without the constant ‘liberal’, ‘conservative’, ‘leftist’ teachings bombarding your mind.
You are weak in body, spirit and mind.

You realize that,

We live in denial.
We say we have freedom when we do not.
We use words which have lost their meaning and think nothing of it.
We preach hypocrisy
We believe a diploma proves anything

Suddenly, this phase of realization disappears. You are contempt in only thinking about your own insignificant problems and positive thoughts begin to fill your mind. Slogans such as “Hope and Change” and other cliché crap take a hold of you. You became happy and optimistic. You continue the life you had dismissing these realizations until the next “click” occurs.

The same cycle continues. You become angry that you have uncovered your true settings then you dismiss these thoughts. You continue this cycle until you die.

Then you are happy.


Greece: 19 days of protest, rumours of Junta

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Greek citizens have taken the streets in Athens for 19 consecutive days in protest against the austerity measures being implemented by the ruling Socialist party in order to guarantee the next ‘bailout’ money from the IMF/Euro zone. The austerity measures that have already been implemented have reduced the economic powers of the middle and lower classes of Greece. Retirement funds and holiday payments have already been eliminated, large portions of government-owned utilities have already been sold off for ridiculously low prices and more state-owned utilities are being targeted in order to raise funds to make a dent to the colossal debt accumulated over 35 years of family ruled governance.Despite the constant protests occurring the ruling Socialist government has said and done little in order to stem the growing anger from the thousands of individuals who attend with rumours saying that if things get out of hand the prime minister will take a tunnel which is underneath the Syntagma and simply disappear.]Think Argentina escapee style

The answer is simple and has already been stated in this blog countless of times. Greece must leave the Euro zone and re-establish the drachma. Only then will the country reach have freedom from the loan sharks from the IMF. However, it is troubling to see that there are rumours that another junta might be propped into Greece if things don’t go as planned (i.e the bailout money is voted in and more austerity measures are adopted). Whats more troubling are that these rumors are coming from the CIA. It is well-known that the United States has a long history of involving itself in the affairs of Greece and were responsible for the Junta that occurred in 1967. One can only hope that these rumours are false and that the Greece will finally become a free nation.

Obama hero of any other country but America

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Yesterday, President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel dined together and spoke about various topics such as the massacre occurring in Libya, the “threat” in Iran and the economic crisis in Europe. In all three topics of discussion both Obama and Merkel depicted just how useless they are as world leaders. Both leaders had nothing new to say on either on these topics and were just rehashing age-old propaganda that has been disproved a hundred times over. While discussing Iran,both Merkel and Obama were apparently distraught over Iran and its nuclear energy citing that more sanctions would be needed in order to stop the evil Iranians despite no hard evidence that the Iranian regime is pursuing nuclear weapons. While discussing Libya the same tape recorder was being played with Obama urging for more support to the Libyan rebels despite evidence tracing them to hardcore jihadist groups. While discussing the economic crisis in Europe both warned that if Greece would to default on its debt it would brig disastrous implications for the U.S economy.  As stated before the same bullshit was being told.

However what really bothered me was how Obama and Merkel would rather meddle into the affairs of other countries instead of solving their own problems at home. Rather than look at Greece as being the problem child of the world economy shouldnt Obama be trying to pay off the $14 trillion deficit that the United States owns? Instead of urging for more war and bloodshed shouldnt Obama be putting all his efforts into saving the United States economy? Instead we have a president who is too busy going on worldwide trips saying the same bullshit to other useless world leaders instead of trying to diffuse the economic time bomb that it ready to explode in the United States. There is so much worry over Greece defaulting on its debts but little to no concern over the  economic status of  the world power that makes it seem as if the world powers are run either by inbred children or by truly stupid individuals that they choose to ignore the United States economic crisis and instead look at the  economic problems of a tiny country such as Greece.

The question that remains is what will happen when the United States defaults on its debts? It seems that this event is only a matter of time. There are no programs which are being implemented in somehow paying off such a debt that the only logical conclusion would be that the United States will simple default on its debts and go bankrupt. Once the United States defaults on its debt wont that have  “disastrous”  implications for the world economy? Apparently for the Nobel Peace prize winner and Merkel (who was rewarded the  presidential Medal of Freedom for her work to ‘unify Europe’ ) such simple questions are hard to comprehend and it seems it is much easier to just babble like an idiot in front of the whole world.

Save Those Pennies!

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The United States and Canada are considering removing the penny from circulation and the CBC tells us that “Australia and New Zealand removed their one- and two-cent coins in the early 1990s. New Zealand went a step further in 2006 and demonetized the five-cent piece, and Australia appears ready to follow suit.”  Eventually the most important aspect regarding this issue is mentioned almost in passing and without really explaining its significance.

It's inflation stupid!


One Canadian cent in 1870 had the same purchasing power as 27 cents in 2005. Since then the purchasing power of money has gone down all over the world. Because of this, it is then necessary to withdraw the penny and maybe even the nickel from circulation. It simply costs too much money to mint all these coins that people don’t use.

Well now wait a minute. What caused all this inflation? Isn’t the declining value of the penny or our currency in general simply a symptom? What is the cause? The cause is governments printing, borrowing, and taxing their way year in and year out. The current fiat currency

standard is the source of our inflation. It’s a hidden tax that is detrimental to our well being and prosperity so why do we get rid of that? If we do, the penny suddenly becomes useful and people will actually start picking them up off the street.

This is a great example of where everyone ignores the root cause(s) of a given problem and they go along with what will seemingly fix the problem when in fact the underlying issues are all still there. The uselessness of the penny is an unseen consequence of inflation; everyone is pointing to the visible effects.

All this said, here is a reason to literally save pennies: they’re made of copper! Copper has, and will continue to increase in value so even if you don’t love them save them anyways. The older ones (as opposed to the newer ones that are made of zinc) are worth 3 or 4 times their face value.

A penny saved will be a penny earned!

Redrawing the Map of the Middle East

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In this post from a few days ago, a map showing a radically different map of the Middle East from the early 20th century was posted at the bottom of the blog. Redesigning the Middle East has been on the minds of many ever since as this 2006 article shows. Below is the map from that link:

Like practically the entire continent of Africa, the Middle East was drawn up in Paris during the Paris Peace Conference more famously known for the Treaty of Versailles. It was there in 1919 that the Allied Powers got together and carved up the defeated Ottoman Empire. The modern Middle East is the result of that Conference. The map of the Middle East will have to be redrawn if there is to be stability in the area. Whether or not the Americans have been or are conspiring to radically change the face of the Muslim world, massive geopolitical change will have to occur. The map posted above is truer to the real makeup of the Arab world. Sunnis and Shiites have been living together in a uneasy peace since early in the last century.

Thus if there is to be peace in that part of the world, with or without American intervention, the current map will have to look like, at best, something like the above or at worst will be divided into almost innumerable patches of land ruled over by endlessly squabbling tribes. This is evident in Lybia where, currently, that conflict has been defined by tribal loyalties and not simply by pro or anti-Western activity. In 1919 tribal societies had been transformed into nation states with the use of pencil and eraser. Now the eraser is coming out.

This must literally be true, at least to me, in the Arabian Peninsula where it seems best to wager that the area will probably become a vast borderless area more like that outlined in the Bernard Lewis map. Yemen, for example was split into two until about a decade ago and is currently being fraught by a conflict that seeks to restore that condition.

In short there really isn’t much hope for the Middle East, but there will be definitely be change.

Strauss Kahn: A Perfect Set Up?

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A 62-year-old is arrested under allegations of sexually assaulting and attempting to rape a maid in his hotel room. Normally, no one would give two shits since this sort of stuff happens on a daily basis. However, the 62-year-old in question is Strauss Kahn the managing director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). I personally believe this whole thing is a set up. It pops up conveniently when Strauss Kahn could have been a potential candidate (and a favourite) for the french presidential elections of 2012. Even if Strauss Kahn is innocent the damage has already been done. The very fact that Strauss Kahn fled his hotel room and run for the airport is damaging to his character and the chances of him winning any sort of election. 

The man cant even defend himself due to past rumors of other sexual misconduct he  may have committed in the past. If these incidents did occur I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the beautiful maid (who has been working at the hotel for a mere month)  attending for Strauss Kahn was planted with the knowledge that this man is sick and unable to control his urges.

Another possibility could be that the U.S government set this whole issue in order to ensure that Strauss Kahn was removed from the IMF. As the United States comes closer to requiring a bail out to save its crumbling economy it would need someone who was more pro-American sitting in the IMF that would not “rape” the country with disgustingly high interests as many other countries have been forced to comply to.

It should be noted that this post isn’t meant to defend Strauss Kahn at all yet to look at the other possibilities and the bigger implications that could be hiding behind this simple case of sexual misconduct.

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