Gadhafi is dead.

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Congrats NATO you murdered yet another person, a ruler who kept the country together and united.

Congrats you ruined yet another country

Congrats Libya will now be in hell

Congrats Libyans will now lose all their national wealth to private corporations for a  low price

Congrats NATO the tool of Zionism


Libyan Rebels: Gadhafi is dead. Body at “secret location”

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Another day goes by and I find another media source full of the upmost bullcrap I have ever laid my eyes on. This time Reuter’s news agency has reported and even has gone as far to confirm that Colonel Moammer Gadhafi has been killed in battle in the town of Sirte after a massive assault by the NTC.  Now I am going to past some parts from the article and ask you if any of this seems well, sane.

At one point, a convoy tried to flee the area and was blasted by NATO airstrikes, though it was not clear if Col. Gadhafi was in the vehicle.

Alright so we have a bloody battle going on in the town of Sirte and some people are trying to escape, they may be Gadhafi loyalist, an innocent civilian or Gadhafi himself and NATO resorts to obliterating it completely. How does it not make NATO look like barbaric idiots? How can we not say that NATO is committing act of terrorism? This was straight up murder no matter how you look at it.

The NTC claims the body of Col. Gadhafi has been taken to a “secret location” for security reasons

Huh? What? Read that sentence as many times of you would like it won’t change the sheer stupidity found in this single sentence.  Let me guess you’re going to take the body and dump in sea like Osama bin Laden right? Or are you going to post some picture that may resemble Gada-

Oh, you already did. Maybe I shouldn’t blame Reuters for posting such crap.. or the Global Mail for posting Reuters crap without adding anything new, but then again when they speak of the possible “revenge killings” that will be committed by the NTC but say nothing of the current status of black Libyans and their plight to survive than you can blame the media for being one-sided assholes. I am pretty sure this is going to come up as a fraud (like the many times Gadhafi’s sons were reported dead) or they will just simply dump Gadhafi’s body into the ocean or oil well and say VIVA LE REVOLUTION.

A blurb: Turkey- Israel relations

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Lets keep this short because I am tired, hungry and not really in the general mood of writing a blog. In these last few days there has been an uproar over Turkey’s decision to expel Israeli diplomats when Israeli stated they wouldn’t  apologize over the deaths of nine Turks and an American of Turkish origin last year on a flotilla seeking to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza.

Now let’s get this sorted. This is not the reason Turkey has decided to turn all anti Israel and remember its muslim brothers and the glorious jihad. This all comes down to natural resources. Israel lately has been busy making deals with Cyprus and Greece over the natural gas that has been found in the area. Israel has been lucky enough to have made deals with both countries over this matter while Turkey has ultimately been left behind on this matter. Wouldnt you be pissed if everyone was getting ice cream in the neighbourhood expect for you??

I would.

Anyway, I find it funny (ironic really) that Turkey’s excuse was that Israel wouldnt apologize over the deaths of the brave souls on the flotilla while Turkey itself has let to apologize about the several genocides committed by their own hands  (Armenian, Kurds, Cypriots, Greeks etc). It’s also funny that Turkey would actually think that Israel a state-run by war and prejudice would ever CONSIDER the word apologize. Has Israel ever apologized over the thousands of Palestinians that have been killed? The obvious answer is no. Turkey understands the media and is trying to use all the emotional bullshit to gain ground. The real reason is always the same in every instance, it’s about wealth and power everything else really doesn’t matter.

Remember kids always try to find the REAL reason for every event. Blurb over and out.

Libyan rebels out of cash.. Again

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How many times have these Libyan “revolutionaries” (read as CIA backed terrorists) begged the outside world for additional funds in order to continue their barbaric civil war? The answer is far too many. A couple of days ago their oil chief has said that they have run out of money. The pure insanity of such a claim is revealed when one realizes the Libyan rebels are selling thousands of barrels of oil a day in order to buy more ammunition’s in order to take the “power base of Tripoli” and remove the tyrant that is Gaddafi.

It is amazing that no one (mass media) has asked what exactly will these Libyans do differently once “they” (read as Zionist members of the United Nations) manage to kill off Gaddafi and his whole family. Will they suddenly turn the country into a hardcore Islamic regime like Egypt has become once Mubarak fell? The civil war occurring in Libya has no winner for the Libyan people. The Libyan people in the end will lose their natural resources and wealth to the power-hungry Zionists. I honestly hope these Libyan rebels are out of weapons and funding for they are no better than the Gaddafi regime (actually a lot worse) for they torture, burn, behead and lynch surrendered members of Gaddafi’s army. Is that the “revolutionary” change Libya was waiting for this whole time?

Unfortunately, the videos  has all been taken off to hide the truth once again but here is the site where this information was revealed:

Libya: A chess game? Not really.

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Yesterday Libyan state television depicted the true leader of the state Gaddafi playing chess with the  Russian head of the World Chess federation. It has been four months since the barbaric assaults on Libya began in which CIA funded “revolutionaries” took arms against Gaddafi and brought the once prosperous African country to it knees. Libya is essentially divided in two with the rebels controlling the key oil deposits and are willing to sell these vital Libyan assets for weapons and not for the good of the Libyan people. It is common knowledge that the “revolutionaries” have roots with islamic roots and it is laughable that the “true voice of Libya” has never stated what they intend to do if they win this civil war which is almost guaranteed with the amount of support they are receiving from the corrupt members of NATO and from the agencies of the financial crippled United States. It is only a matter of time before the Gaddafi regime topples over, supplies are running low and there seems to be no international uproar over what is occurring in this region of the world. Once again the world stands still as thousands of innocent civilians lose their lives from greedy sub humans seeking to profit from misery. Its shocking knowing that no protests will occur in the countries that are participating in this massacre. The media has done a fine job in once again feeding lies to the mass public. I might as well be the first to say this: Farewell Libya.

Redrawing the Map of the Middle East

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In this post from a few days ago, a map showing a radically different map of the Middle East from the early 20th century was posted at the bottom of the blog. Redesigning the Middle East has been on the minds of many ever since as this 2006 article shows. Below is the map from that link:

Like practically the entire continent of Africa, the Middle East was drawn up in Paris during the Paris Peace Conference more famously known for the Treaty of Versailles. It was there in 1919 that the Allied Powers got together and carved up the defeated Ottoman Empire. The modern Middle East is the result of that Conference. The map of the Middle East will have to be redrawn if there is to be stability in the area. Whether or not the Americans have been or are conspiring to radically change the face of the Muslim world, massive geopolitical change will have to occur. The map posted above is truer to the real makeup of the Arab world. Sunnis and Shiites have been living together in a uneasy peace since early in the last century.

Thus if there is to be peace in that part of the world, with or without American intervention, the current map will have to look like, at best, something like the above or at worst will be divided into almost innumerable patches of land ruled over by endlessly squabbling tribes. This is evident in Lybia where, currently, that conflict has been defined by tribal loyalties and not simply by pro or anti-Western activity. In 1919 tribal societies had been transformed into nation states with the use of pencil and eraser. Now the eraser is coming out.

This must literally be true, at least to me, in the Arabian Peninsula where it seems best to wager that the area will probably become a vast borderless area more like that outlined in the Bernard Lewis map. Yemen, for example was split into two until about a decade ago and is currently being fraught by a conflict that seeks to restore that condition.

In short there really isn’t much hope for the Middle East, but there will be definitely be change.

The Simple Truth: Israel does not want peace

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Year after year the same story is played. Israel suppresses the Palestinian people with the most barbaric means through unprovoked killings, withholding vital supplies to the Palestinian people, breaking truces with Hamas/Fatah, provoking civil conflict between Hamas and Fatah and by slowly eating away at the Palestinian lands through illegal settlements. When Israel realizes they’ve been a bit too Nazi like and that the world hates them for their tyrant like behaviour several random rockets appear injuring few and killing (by some miracle) one or two Israelites. The ‘choosen people’ respond with the continued destruction of the already improvised Palestinian territories as some sort of retribution. The concept of revenge and outright killing of gentiles being brainwashed into the very essence of the IDF.

It’s the same bloody story. People will cry and bitch saying the United Nations should do something and that peace can occur one day with both sides living in harmony but the simple truth is Israel does not want peace.

Why would Israel ever want peace?!?

If it did the billions of dollars  from the U.S would stop flowing. The myth that Israel lives in constant fear would cease to exist and the image that Jews and Israel are the scapegoats/victims of the world would fade away. Such a move would destroy Israel from within, the all-powerful Orthodox Jews would never settle for peace with a gentile. It just goes against the Torah.

It fits in the interest of Israel to keep Palestine as a refugee state  without the basic essentials of life. Factories that produce babies milks and the sole electrical plant that provides heat and light are obviously just luxuries that can be bombed at will. By keeping the Palestinian people in such barbaric conditions and fueling more individuals to become radical jihadists allows for the state of Israel to exist and function properly.

Without the hate, without the constant threat of war and utter destruction the state of Israel cannot exist.

That is the simple truth.

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