Plan to assassinate Greek PM revealed

June 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

An article in the Greek newspaper Epikaria revealed that there was an assassination plot against former Greek prime minister (during his time in power) Kosta Karamanlis by a group of  individuals due to this pro- energy polices and his tight relations with Russia. It should be noted that during his time as PM Karamanlis wished for stronger relations with Russia and the construction of several pipelines which would leave the United States in the dust. The United States also wished for a pipeline to be constructed passing through Azerbaijan to Greece but these plans were never finalized with the ex Greek PM.

Apparently, Russian secret services which unraveled this plot revealed that the terrorist group that would commit the act was being controlled by Western services and was the brainchild of an allied country. This makes sense that Western services would be against Karamanlis because as stated the ex-PM was attempting to branch away from the west which has meddled in the affairs of Greece for quite some time. There are many reasons why these Western powers would want to get rid of this individual for in his short time as prime minister he played against the instructions of the West.

For example,

Karamanlis said no to the Kofi Annan plan which everyone later admitted would have been disastrous for the divided island of Cyprus, whereas George Papandreou (current prime minister) said yes… coincidence?

Karamanlis said no to the slicing of the Aegean with a share going to Turkey

Karamanlis vetoed FYROM’s entrance to NATO, and said that Greece needed to firstly resolve the issue of the name, because if FYROM was allowed to join NATO then automatically it would gain formal recognition… this  infuriated the then President of the US George Bush

Karamanlis saw that a tsunami was coming from the West and he opened the market to their financiers… the Chinese.

Karamanlis wanted energy independence for Greece, knowing very well that Greece is sitting on one of the largest natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean.

Karamanlis wanted to stabilize the northern area of Greece and signed for the construction of the Burgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline that would have created over 5,000 jobs in northern Greece, and would have transported Russian natural gas to Europe. Karamanlis went ahead with yet another energy project to develop the Greek – Italian pipeline He also pushed for the SOUTH STREAM pipeline. As well as a Bulgarian gas pipeline.

The assassination plot was thwarted but the Peloponnese was in flames, the street were filled by anarchists who put Athens to shame and he would the next elections by a 10 point margin. Hence, if you aren’t doing favours for the West prepare to lose you job..and possibly your life.


Protests in Greece turn ugly; PM to retire

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

After 22 days of peaceful protests by thousands of individuals a handful of masked youths have created chaos in the center of Athens by throwing stones at police, burning garbage and getting into fights with peaceful protestors who tried to stop them from creating any greater harm. Meanwhile, the socialist government in power is slowly dying off as members of the party are either quitting their position or looking for new leadership. The prime minister, Papandreou even went as far as requesting a unity government with the opposition in order to calm the nerves of the thousands of protestors. The opposition party however would only accept these terms only if the prime minister would retire and that the IMF terms were re-examined. In response the Greek prime minister said that his position does not matter and is willing to leave the leadership to another individual. As such there seems to be some hope in Greece as rumour are once again spreading that there are only a handful of days left before the bailout money will be accepted.

Update: I wrote this in the morning and went out for some shopping. When I returned the PM of Greece went back on his word and stated the same sad story how he will continue his “work” alone for the good of the country. It seems some politicians are truly sold out and lack any real patriotic spirit.

Greece: 19 days of protest, rumours of Junta

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Greek citizens have taken the streets in Athens for 19 consecutive days in protest against the austerity measures being implemented by the ruling Socialist party in order to guarantee the next ‘bailout’ money from the IMF/Euro zone. The austerity measures that have already been implemented have reduced the economic powers of the middle and lower classes of Greece. Retirement funds and holiday payments have already been eliminated, large portions of government-owned utilities have already been sold off for ridiculously low prices and more state-owned utilities are being targeted in order to raise funds to make a dent to the colossal debt accumulated over 35 years of family ruled governance.Despite the constant protests occurring the ruling Socialist government has said and done little in order to stem the growing anger from the thousands of individuals who attend with rumours saying that if things get out of hand the prime minister will take a tunnel which is underneath the Syntagma and simply disappear.]Think Argentina escapee style

The answer is simple and has already been stated in this blog countless of times. Greece must leave the Euro zone and re-establish the drachma. Only then will the country reach have freedom from the loan sharks from the IMF. However, it is troubling to see that there are rumours that another junta might be propped into Greece if things don’t go as planned (i.e the bailout money is voted in and more austerity measures are adopted). Whats more troubling are that these rumors are coming from the CIA. It is well-known that the United States has a long history of involving itself in the affairs of Greece and were responsible for the Junta that occurred in 1967. One can only hope that these rumours are false and that the Greece will finally become a free nation.

Obama hero of any other country but America

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Yesterday, President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel dined together and spoke about various topics such as the massacre occurring in Libya, the “threat” in Iran and the economic crisis in Europe. In all three topics of discussion both Obama and Merkel depicted just how useless they are as world leaders. Both leaders had nothing new to say on either on these topics and were just rehashing age-old propaganda that has been disproved a hundred times over. While discussing Iran,both Merkel and Obama were apparently distraught over Iran and its nuclear energy citing that more sanctions would be needed in order to stop the evil Iranians despite no hard evidence that the Iranian regime is pursuing nuclear weapons. While discussing Libya the same tape recorder was being played with Obama urging for more support to the Libyan rebels despite evidence tracing them to hardcore jihadist groups. While discussing the economic crisis in Europe both warned that if Greece would to default on its debt it would brig disastrous implications for the U.S economy.  As stated before the same bullshit was being told.

However what really bothered me was how Obama and Merkel would rather meddle into the affairs of other countries instead of solving their own problems at home. Rather than look at Greece as being the problem child of the world economy shouldnt Obama be trying to pay off the $14 trillion deficit that the United States owns? Instead of urging for more war and bloodshed shouldnt Obama be putting all his efforts into saving the United States economy? Instead we have a president who is too busy going on worldwide trips saying the same bullshit to other useless world leaders instead of trying to diffuse the economic time bomb that it ready to explode in the United States. There is so much worry over Greece defaulting on its debts but little to no concern over the  economic status of  the world power that makes it seem as if the world powers are run either by inbred children or by truly stupid individuals that they choose to ignore the United States economic crisis and instead look at the  economic problems of a tiny country such as Greece.

The question that remains is what will happen when the United States defaults on its debts? It seems that this event is only a matter of time. There are no programs which are being implemented in somehow paying off such a debt that the only logical conclusion would be that the United States will simple default on its debts and go bankrupt. Once the United States defaults on its debt wont that have  “disastrous”  implications for the world economy? Apparently for the Nobel Peace prize winner and Merkel (who was rewarded the  presidential Medal of Freedom for her work to ‘unify Europe’ ) such simple questions are hard to comprehend and it seems it is much easier to just babble like an idiot in front of the whole world.

Europe finally woke up!

May 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Yesterday something amazing happened in Europe. To be more precise something extraordinary occurred in Greece the country now associated with a crumbling economy, a disgustingly high debt and a population of apparently lazy thieving individuals. However yesterday a miracle happened, thousands of Greeks finally woke up!  Over 80,000 Greeks took to the streets chanting in one voice, no ridiculous party colors were in the sea of people. It was a plethora of people all under one flag all pissed as hell from the state their country is in due to the IMF and Euro zone measures. Sure, the Spanish had to do it first but that’s not the point. It is amazing (and sad) that it actually took this long for both the Spanish and the Greeks to hold such protests. This should have occurred the moment these two joined the European Union!

What has the European Union actually offer these countries other than debt and illegal immigrants? The European Union hasn’t offered anything to any of the members of the pseudo union other than Germany who is profiting from the collapse of the other European states.  So many European countries have taken IMF blood money in order to ‘survive’ a little longer. Poland, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Latvia (etc.) have all been forced to take IMF loans, have all been to forced to make cuts in their own countries in order to ensure European Union membership and for what? The European Union has done nothing but made Europe weaker than it already was.

It is sad to see these once great European countries at such a state of economic ruin. Both countries have offered a lot to the shaping of the world and to see them in such a state is truly a crime. I believe there is still time to make amends however. Sadly, it would require the politicians of these countries to actually start caring about their countries and the people they govern to grow some balls and actually leave the Eurozone. It would require them to default of debts that are truly unfair and totalitarian to the citizens living in these countries. It would require going back to the old currencies which allowed these countries to grow and have the wealth they had before they joined the Eurozone.

Only then will the problem be solved.

Why Greece is doomed.

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Why is Greece doomed?  Is it because of the huge debt  that has been accumulated that is killing the markets slowly? Is it because of the new austerity measures being implemented by the IMF?  Is it because of  Turkey’s ever-growing presence in the Aegean Sea?

The reasons above could very well be the reason Greece is doomed to failure. However the biggest threat to the country that gave birth to democracy and spread its values and culture to the rest of the world are political families. Political families in Greece have been running the show for quite some time

How long you may ask?

Oh, just about 35 years or so. In any other country this would seem bizarre,. Yet in Greece it seemed the most logical route to take.That was until the recent economic recession which has been cutting wages left and right and is destined to have severe budget cuts in health, education and economic development in order to pay off the INTEREST from the loans gained from the Euro zone and the IMF (of course without asking the general populace of Greece because clearly political families in the country know what they are doing).It’s almost laughable to look at the modern history of Greece without noticing how blatantly obvious it is that the country has been ruined by political families, by the government itself. It’s also laughable to see how these same families reject any sort responsibility to the crippled economy and the $300 billion debt the country owns  to the loan sharks in the Euro zone and IMF.

Just take a look at the  recent history of Greece and who governed after the Junta in 1967 -1974. But before that it should be noted that families such as Papandreou, Karamanlis, Venizelo, and Mitsotakis  played a major role in the creation of the current policies.


1974-1981 Karamanlis

1981- 1989 Papandreo PASOK

1990-1993 Mitsotakis

1993- 1996 Papandreou

1996- 2007 Simitis (key members from the Papandreou &Venizelo family)

2004- 2009 Karamanlis

2009- present Papandreou

Wow, would you look at that. It’s as if the monarchy never left! What was the point of the monarchy leaving if the country is still governed by families who act and spend as if they are monarchs? The economy doesn’t just fuck up. It fucks up because of those who govern. To say in simplest terms these families governed with scandals and lies that left the Greek economy to what is now. The fault lies not only in these political families that govern so horribly but also to the masses who CONTINUE TO VOTE THEM IN!  To say it in the simplest terms the people who now bitch and complain about the state Greece is in are the same people who allowed the country to reach such a humiliating conditions in which an exodus from the Euro zone seems like the only way to survive from utter bankruptcy…

or you could take Max Keisers take on the crisis occuring in Greece


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