The subhuman known as Hilary Clinton

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Lets just cut to the chase. Hilary Clinton is a twisted sick cunt! She’s inhuman! She laughs in joy over the news of someone being horribly killed , what the hell is that?  You don’t laugh at the fact that someone was murdered without trial. Whats worse is the news reporter is laughing as well. This is far from human behaviour this is what we call subhuman behaviour. I thought it was bad enough that world leaders like Obama and Cameron glorify murder but this is beyond anything i have ever witnessed. It’s beyond reaction. I pray she gets what she deserves.



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I recently read an article from the Telegraph by Nile Gardiner titled ” Barack Obama’s disastrous first 1,000 days” which basically sums up Obama’s disastrous term and the consequences Americans must now feel. While I agreed with the vast majority of what Mr. Gardiner wrote there are parts in which I felt makes Niles Gardiner seem out of touch with reality.

This is where I feel Niles loses his sense of reality and just begins rambling like every other news media:

And President Obama’s record on the world stage has also been poor. Despite two high-profile successes in taking out al-Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and more recently Anwar al-Awlaki (both upon the foundations of President Bush’s war on terror), US foreign policy under Obama has been a confusing mess. The shameless appeasement of Iran has allowed the rogue state to advance perilously close to nuclear weapons capability, while the naïve “reset” approach towards Russia has only encouraged a more aggressive and assertive Moscow. At the same time, traditional alliances with Great Britain and Israel have been downgraded, and key allies in eastern and central Europe thrown under the bus to feed the Russian bear. While America’s defences have grown weaker, China’s military might have grown significantly stronger, as have the offensive capabilities of hostile regimes in both Asia and Latin America, including Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

What stands out immediately is Gardiner’s illogical stance with Iran. It’s as if Niles has suddenly forgotten past events or even aware off what is going on. With a quick google search my friend you’ll get a shitload of material where Obama & Pals denounce Iran at every corner and sign new sanctions against the country like no tomorrow. Just how has Obama been appeasing Iran at all?? All that I see here is an attempt to create fear and war monger sadly it doesn’t end with just Iran. Apparently, we should all be afraid of Russia, China and Hugo Chavez. Hugo fucking Chavez. It’ shit like this that just me totally in rage. What Niles is basically saying is the Amerika must continue its crusade against evil doers and cause more lawless wars.  Niles mentions Obama’s terrible management with the economy but says nothing of the illegal wars his administration is part of (Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia). It’s because of individuals like you that military spending is through the roof,  individuals like Mr. Gardiner continue to spew fear and hate that truly isn’t needed. You wanna change they way our world is don’t be a warmonger!


9/11: The Greatest Lie of our Century.

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10 years ago a great lie was told to the world. A lie in which resulted in the loss of our human rights in the name of freedom. A lie in which several wars were born and thousands of human lives were lost all in the name of freedom. A lie in which has led the world economy closer to economic collapse. All of this was done in the name in freedom. In order to fight the imaginary organization of al-Qaeda we must sacrifice our rights, our beliefs and even our morals. For during these 10 years of constant wars, murders, illegal arrests and media propaganda we began to believe that what was going on was right. It was really for the better good. All those Muslims getting blown apart for just being there deserved it! The illegal occupations of countries was for the security of the world! The inhuman conditions in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and in all those secret CIA prison camps were rightfully done! The water boarding, the wire taping of civilians was all for FREEDOM.

As such we became part of the lie. Having lost our common sense we could no longer distinguish between right and wrong. There was no wrong. There was only right. Whatever happened to those innocent individuals in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and in Libya was all collateral damage. We stopped questioning all the hypocrisy. We just assumed that the government would never lie to us. Why would they?! They are obviously protecting us. Obviously Al- Qaeda is beyond the grasp of the CIA and FBI! Obviously Osama bin Laden must be a mastermind to have led such an organization! We became part of the lie and we continue to fuel it with our sheepish manner. We don’t question how the twin towers fell, we don’t question why we invade countries our population had no idea existed on the map, we don’t question who funded Al-Qaida and most importantly we don’t question when this will end. When does the “War on Terror” stop when your government is the one creating and fuelling terror?

It never does. Not until you lose your sanity. Not until you lose everything even yourself. When 9/11 rolls around again pay respect not only to those that have died in the Twin Towers but also those who have died in all the illegal wars committed in our “battle” against Al- CIAda and those who suffer daily in the countless detention camps. Lastly pay respect to yourself. For you (you may not realize yet) have lost the most important aspects of yourself you are nothing more than a pawn to be used.

That is if you wake up.


Redrawing the Map of the Middle East

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In this post from a few days ago, a map showing a radically different map of the Middle East from the early 20th century was posted at the bottom of the blog. Redesigning the Middle East has been on the minds of many ever since as this 2006 article shows. Below is the map from that link:

Like practically the entire continent of Africa, the Middle East was drawn up in Paris during the Paris Peace Conference more famously known for the Treaty of Versailles. It was there in 1919 that the Allied Powers got together and carved up the defeated Ottoman Empire. The modern Middle East is the result of that Conference. The map of the Middle East will have to be redrawn if there is to be stability in the area. Whether or not the Americans have been or are conspiring to radically change the face of the Muslim world, massive geopolitical change will have to occur. The map posted above is truer to the real makeup of the Arab world. Sunnis and Shiites have been living together in a uneasy peace since early in the last century.

Thus if there is to be peace in that part of the world, with or without American intervention, the current map will have to look like, at best, something like the above or at worst will be divided into almost innumerable patches of land ruled over by endlessly squabbling tribes. This is evident in Lybia where, currently, that conflict has been defined by tribal loyalties and not simply by pro or anti-Western activity. In 1919 tribal societies had been transformed into nation states with the use of pencil and eraser. Now the eraser is coming out.

This must literally be true, at least to me, in the Arabian Peninsula where it seems best to wager that the area will probably become a vast borderless area more like that outlined in the Bernard Lewis map. Yemen, for example was split into two until about a decade ago and is currently being fraught by a conflict that seeks to restore that condition.

In short there really isn’t much hope for the Middle East, but there will be definitely be change.

Obama deserves to be re-elected, Americans feel safe…WTF?

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According to a poll conducted by Associated Press –GfK Obama’s approval ratings has hit its highest point in two years. From a low of 40% it has sky rocketed to 60%, all because Osama bin Laden has been “officially” killed. Apparently more people feel safer and are ‘relieved’ that bin Laden was assassinated by orders from the same man who won the Nobel Peace Prize. Apparently it is that easy to forget how little Obama has actually done since he has been elected and how his promises of hope of change have done little it not anything for the United States. It is quite puzzling to understand how 73% believe that Obama can handle terrorist threat seeing as his actions have only fueled resentment against the United States. Despite the media not discussing the several proxy wars Obama has initiated it is quite clear that there is growing unrest in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan due to the routine bombings occurring in their countries from the United States in the form of unmanned drones. In Pakistan for instance the death toll from these terrorist attacks has reached over 2,000. In Yemen the United States is blindly shooting these things in an attempt to kill one man while killings and injuring hundreds of others. These terrorist actions committed by the United States only push individuals who have lost their loved ones to become fanatic jihadists. If the United States truly wanted to be safe it would simply have to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. Stop invading and bombing countries you’re not at war with to kill off a  mystical organization. It really is that simple. Of course to the masses this all doesn’t make much sense to them, they will continue to foolishly agree with the illegal actions committed by their dear leader and lie to themselves that they are “freeing” the world from terrorism.

The tale of Abu-Ayyub al-Masri and how it allowed the Osama tale to exist

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The whole Osama bin Laden death story has been in the works for years. I can say this with much confidence based on the many lies that stream from the mass media and the countless ‘feeder’ stories which are released to the public. These stories are simply put out to see the reaction of Average Joe, to see if the public would notice any changes in the facts. If the masses do notice the obvious fallacies the story is killed off only to be released at a different time. If the changes in the story are accepted as fact with little to no opposition than it is safe to say another similar story will be released, a story that is likely to be 10 times greater of importance.

The ‘feeder’ story that allowed the Osama bin Laden raid story to exist was (in my opinion) the Abu Ayyub al- Masri tale. Ayyub al- Masri was apparently a high-ranking official in the Al- Qaeda branch in Iraq where he was an expert in explosives and was the reason there were so many road side bombs or something like that. The man could have simply never existed, the similarities with his tale to that of Osama are interesting.

In both instances both men are reported dead at a given time only to resurrected and killed again. In both instances both men are simply just suspects with no hard evidence linking them to any terrorist activities. In both cases four dead men and some women are found in the compound in which the suspect was hiding. In both cases “vital information that could destroy Al-Qaeda” are reportedly just siting in a room waiting to be used by American forces. Coincidence?

Abu Ayyub Tale of Resurrection

Reported dead in 2006

Dead again in 2007

Escaped prison in 2008 despite being killed

Killed yet again 2010

There was no uproar from the masses. No one seemed to care. The media outlets didn’t bother to say anything like
“What? Didn’t you already capture him after he was killed?!?”. The people soon forgot about this man with the funny name. He was a terrorist he deserved to die what did it matter if the story changed several times in such a short time. The ‘feeder’ story was a success, the masses were clueless and the Osama Death story would be born.

Cost of the “War on Terror”

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With the ‘official’ death of Osama comes the end of an era. Dont be shocked when in the latter months as Obama campaigns to be  re-elected branches of Al-Qaeda begin to fall apart and other “leaders” of this make-believe organization are suddenly dying in gun fights thus signalling the end of this campaign and making our dear leader Obama look like some sort of messiah. As such it is only fitting to get an understanding of the total cost of the “War on Terror”.

Before we get into tallying the cost of the war on terror it is vital to understand that Al- Qaeda does not exist. It never existed. It is simply a lie to continue military spending, to continue to make a few select individuals richer at the expense of many. It was created to work on the fears of the public to essentially fill the void left behind after the collapse of the Soviet Union. There had to be a new bogey man and that was Al- Qaeda. Remember children, War is peace.

This little video from BBC news explains how Al- Qaeda is a fabrication.

So, how much has this war on terror cost the taxpayers? How much money  has been lost chasing after a fictional organization and a man who died years ago from kidney failure?

In economic terms around  $1.215 trillion. That’s how much Amerika has spent on chasing after the bogey man. Since September 11,2001 $1.2 trillion was put into invading foreign countries and killing innocent bystanders. This number is supposed to rise if the next war funding request is approved to a total of $1.4 trillion and again to $1.8 trillion in  2025 (under the assumptions that troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan drastically fall and that America’s economy is actually still holding out which I find highly unlikely).

The good news? At least opium production  in Afghanistan is  on the rise! HOORAY!

Instead of actually helping the economy that dreadfully needs this sort of money it is wasted away on some rich fucks to continue to manufacture weapons while innocent children get blown apart. It’s like as if the American economy doesn’t need any help. It’s like they don’t owe any money once so ever. It’s as if China isn’t buying all the U.S bonds, gold and silver. It’s not like cities like Detroit are going completely to the shit. Everything is fine and dandy. It must feel good to be led by such leaders who bring the U.S economy to its tip-top shape.

Now, excuse me while I take my medicine.

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