The subhuman known as Hilary Clinton

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Lets just cut to the chase. Hilary Clinton is a twisted sick cunt! She’s inhuman! She laughs in joy over the news of someone being horribly killed , what the hell is that?  You don’t laugh at the fact that someone was murdered without trial. Whats worse is the news reporter is laughing as well. This is far from human behaviour this is what we call subhuman behaviour. I thought it was bad enough that world leaders like Obama and Cameron glorify murder but this is beyond anything i have ever witnessed. It’s beyond reaction. I pray she gets what she deserves.


Gadhafi is dead.

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Congrats NATO you murdered yet another person, a ruler who kept the country together and united.

Congrats you ruined yet another country

Congrats Libya will now be in hell

Congrats Libyans will now lose all their national wealth to private corporations for a  low price

Congrats NATO the tool of Zionism

Libyan Rebels: Gadhafi is dead. Body at “secret location”

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Another day goes by and I find another media source full of the upmost bullcrap I have ever laid my eyes on. This time Reuter’s news agency has reported and even has gone as far to confirm that Colonel Moammer Gadhafi has been killed in battle in the town of Sirte after a massive assault by the NTC.  Now I am going to past some parts from the article and ask you if any of this seems well, sane.

At one point, a convoy tried to flee the area and was blasted by NATO airstrikes, though it was not clear if Col. Gadhafi was in the vehicle.

Alright so we have a bloody battle going on in the town of Sirte and some people are trying to escape, they may be Gadhafi loyalist, an innocent civilian or Gadhafi himself and NATO resorts to obliterating it completely. How does it not make NATO look like barbaric idiots? How can we not say that NATO is committing act of terrorism? This was straight up murder no matter how you look at it.

The NTC claims the body of Col. Gadhafi has been taken to a “secret location” for security reasons

Huh? What? Read that sentence as many times of you would like it won’t change the sheer stupidity found in this single sentence.  Let me guess you’re going to take the body and dump in sea like Osama bin Laden right? Or are you going to post some picture that may resemble Gada-

Oh, you already did. Maybe I shouldn’t blame Reuters for posting such crap.. or the Global Mail for posting Reuters crap without adding anything new, but then again when they speak of the possible “revenge killings” that will be committed by the NTC but say nothing of the current status of black Libyans and their plight to survive than you can blame the media for being one-sided assholes. I am pretty sure this is going to come up as a fraud (like the many times Gadhafi’s sons were reported dead) or they will just simply dump Gadhafi’s body into the ocean or oil well and say VIVA LE REVOLUTION.


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I recently read an article from the Telegraph by Nile Gardiner titled ” Barack Obama’s disastrous first 1,000 days” which basically sums up Obama’s disastrous term and the consequences Americans must now feel. While I agreed with the vast majority of what Mr. Gardiner wrote there are parts in which I felt makes Niles Gardiner seem out of touch with reality.

This is where I feel Niles loses his sense of reality and just begins rambling like every other news media:

And President Obama’s record on the world stage has also been poor. Despite two high-profile successes in taking out al-Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and more recently Anwar al-Awlaki (both upon the foundations of President Bush’s war on terror), US foreign policy under Obama has been a confusing mess. The shameless appeasement of Iran has allowed the rogue state to advance perilously close to nuclear weapons capability, while the naïve “reset” approach towards Russia has only encouraged a more aggressive and assertive Moscow. At the same time, traditional alliances with Great Britain and Israel have been downgraded, and key allies in eastern and central Europe thrown under the bus to feed the Russian bear. While America’s defences have grown weaker, China’s military might have grown significantly stronger, as have the offensive capabilities of hostile regimes in both Asia and Latin America, including Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

What stands out immediately is Gardiner’s illogical stance with Iran. It’s as if Niles has suddenly forgotten past events or even aware off what is going on. With a quick google search my friend you’ll get a shitload of material where Obama & Pals denounce Iran at every corner and sign new sanctions against the country like no tomorrow. Just how has Obama been appeasing Iran at all?? All that I see here is an attempt to create fear and war monger sadly it doesn’t end with just Iran. Apparently, we should all be afraid of Russia, China and Hugo Chavez. Hugo fucking Chavez. It’ shit like this that just me totally in rage. What Niles is basically saying is the Amerika must continue its crusade against evil doers and cause more lawless wars.  Niles mentions Obama’s terrible management with the economy but says nothing of the illegal wars his administration is part of (Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia). It’s because of individuals like you that military spending is through the roof,  individuals like Mr. Gardiner continue to spew fear and hate that truly isn’t needed. You wanna change they way our world is don’t be a warmonger!


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