9/11: The Greatest Lie of our Century.

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

10 years ago a great lie was told to the world. A lie in which resulted in the loss of our human rights in the name of freedom. A lie in which several wars were born and thousands of human lives were lost all in the name of freedom. A lie in which has led the world economy closer to economic collapse. All of this was done in the name in freedom. In order to fight the imaginary organization of al-Qaeda we must sacrifice our rights, our beliefs and even our morals. For during these 10 years of constant wars, murders, illegal arrests and media propaganda we began to believe that what was going on was right. It was really for the better good. All those Muslims getting blown apart for just being there deserved it! The illegal occupations of countries was for the security of the world! The inhuman conditions in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and in all those secret CIA prison camps were rightfully done! The water boarding, the wire taping of civilians was all for FREEDOM.

As such we became part of the lie. Having lost our common sense we could no longer distinguish between right and wrong. There was no wrong. There was only right. Whatever happened to those innocent individuals in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and in Libya was all collateral damage. We stopped questioning all the hypocrisy. We just assumed that the government would never lie to us. Why would they?! They are obviously protecting us. Obviously Al- Qaeda is beyond the grasp of the CIA and FBI! Obviously Osama bin Laden must be a mastermind to have led such an organization! We became part of the lie and we continue to fuel it with our sheepish manner. We don’t question how the twin towers fell, we don’t question why we invade countries our population had no idea existed on the map, we don’t question who funded Al-Qaida and most importantly we don’t question when this will end. When does the “War on Terror” stop when your government is the one creating and fuelling terror?

It never does. Not until you lose your sanity. Not until you lose everything even yourself. When 9/11 rolls around again pay respect not only to those that have died in the Twin Towers but also those who have died in all the illegal wars committed in our “battle” against Al- CIAda and those who suffer daily in the countless detention camps. Lastly pay respect to yourself. For you (you may not realize yet) have lost the most important aspects of yourself you are nothing more than a pawn to be used.

That is if you wake up.



A blurb: Turkey- Israel relations

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Lets keep this short because I am tired, hungry and not really in the general mood of writing a blog. In these last few days there has been an uproar over Turkey’s decision to expel Israeli diplomats when Israeli stated they wouldn’t  apologize over the deaths of nine Turks and an American of Turkish origin last year on a flotilla seeking to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza.

Now let’s get this sorted. This is not the reason Turkey has decided to turn all anti Israel and remember its muslim brothers and the glorious jihad. This all comes down to natural resources. Israel lately has been busy making deals with Cyprus and Greece over the natural gas that has been found in the area. Israel has been lucky enough to have made deals with both countries over this matter while Turkey has ultimately been left behind on this matter. Wouldnt you be pissed if everyone was getting ice cream in the neighbourhood expect for you??

I would.

Anyway, I find it funny (ironic really) that Turkey’s excuse was that Israel wouldnt apologize over the deaths of the brave souls on the flotilla while Turkey itself has let to apologize about the several genocides committed by their own hands  (Armenian, Kurds, Cypriots, Greeks etc). It’s also funny that Turkey would actually think that Israel a state-run by war and prejudice would ever CONSIDER the word apologize. Has Israel ever apologized over the thousands of Palestinians that have been killed? The obvious answer is no. Turkey understands the media and is trying to use all the emotional bullshit to gain ground. The real reason is always the same in every instance, it’s about wealth and power everything else really doesn’t matter.

Remember kids always try to find the REAL reason for every event. Blurb over and out.

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