Plan to assassinate Greek PM revealed

June 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

An article in the Greek newspaper Epikaria revealed that there was an assassination plot against former Greek prime minister (during his time in power) Kosta Karamanlis by a group of  individuals due to this pro- energy polices and his tight relations with Russia. It should be noted that during his time as PM Karamanlis wished for stronger relations with Russia and the construction of several pipelines which would leave the United States in the dust. The United States also wished for a pipeline to be constructed passing through Azerbaijan to Greece but these plans were never finalized with the ex Greek PM.

Apparently, Russian secret services which unraveled this plot revealed that the terrorist group that would commit the act was being controlled by Western services and was the brainchild of an allied country. This makes sense that Western services would be against Karamanlis because as stated the ex-PM was attempting to branch away from the west which has meddled in the affairs of Greece for quite some time. There are many reasons why these Western powers would want to get rid of this individual for in his short time as prime minister he played against the instructions of the West.

For example,

Karamanlis said no to the Kofi Annan plan which everyone later admitted would have been disastrous for the divided island of Cyprus, whereas George Papandreou (current prime minister) said yes… coincidence?

Karamanlis said no to the slicing of the Aegean with a share going to Turkey

Karamanlis vetoed FYROM’s entrance to NATO, and said that Greece needed to firstly resolve the issue of the name, because if FYROM was allowed to join NATO then automatically it would gain formal recognition… this  infuriated the then President of the US George Bush

Karamanlis saw that a tsunami was coming from the West and he opened the market to their financiers… the Chinese.

Karamanlis wanted energy independence for Greece, knowing very well that Greece is sitting on one of the largest natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean.

Karamanlis wanted to stabilize the northern area of Greece and signed for the construction of the Burgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline that would have created over 5,000 jobs in northern Greece, and would have transported Russian natural gas to Europe. Karamanlis went ahead with yet another energy project to develop the Greek – Italian pipeline He also pushed for the SOUTH STREAM pipeline. As well as a Bulgarian gas pipeline.

The assassination plot was thwarted but the Peloponnese was in flames, the street were filled by anarchists who put Athens to shame and he would the next elections by a 10 point margin. Hence, if you aren’t doing favours for the West prepare to lose you job..and possibly your life.


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