Libyan rebels out of cash.. Again

June 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

How many times have these Libyan “revolutionaries” (read as CIA backed terrorists) begged the outside world for additional funds in order to continue their barbaric civil war? The answer is far too many. A couple of days ago their oil chief has said that they have run out of money. The pure insanity of such a claim is revealed when one realizes the Libyan rebels are selling thousands of barrels of oil a day in order to buy more ammunition’s in order to take the “power base of Tripoli” and remove the tyrant that is Gaddafi.

It is amazing that no one (mass media) has asked what exactly will these Libyans do differently once “they” (read as Zionist members of the United Nations) manage to kill off Gaddafi and his whole family. Will they suddenly turn the country into a hardcore Islamic regime like Egypt has become once Mubarak fell? The civil war occurring in Libya has no winner for the Libyan people. The Libyan people in the end will lose their natural resources and wealth to the power-hungry Zionists. I honestly hope these Libyan rebels are out of weapons and funding for they are no better than the Gaddafi regime (actually a lot worse) for they torture, burn, behead and lynch surrendered members of Gaddafi’s army. Is that the “revolutionary” change Libya was waiting for this whole time?

Unfortunately, the videos  has all been taken off to hide the truth once again but here is the site where this information was revealed:


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