A rant: Depressing reality.

June 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever find yourself watching T.V/ reading a book/ just daydreaming and feel a small click happen in your brain?

This small click triggers several realizations about the surroundings around you and how hopelessly lost you are in ever combating or solving (or even understanding) the several hundred global issues plaguing our society. Issues in which you are partly also to blame due to the lack of effort on your part to actually do anything on the matter but sit back on your cozy chair and spout your own rhetoric hoping the problem will go away. You may actually try to combat the problem by joining a group that shares your view-point and spread awareness but all in all what does that accomplish?

The answer: nothing.

It may give you the sense that you are committing a good deed but in reality the environmental degradation continues to exist, illegal wars continue to kill the innocent and the people who have allowed such global atrocities continue to live their lives in utmost joy.

Depressing? Very.

Some people have religion to look towards. I for one embrace the teachings of the bible, the Koran, and other religious texts. However, like everything else in our society religion is twisted to fulfill the needs of the few. The result, more hate is created in the world negating the positive teachings of such holy scriptures.

You grow angry only because you realize how hopeless you are. How many lies you have been fed throughout your life .
You don’t even know proper history.
You can’t truly think on your own without the constant ‘liberal’, ‘conservative’, ‘leftist’ teachings bombarding your mind.
You are weak in body, spirit and mind.

You realize that,

We live in denial.
We say we have freedom when we do not.
We use words which have lost their meaning and think nothing of it.
We preach hypocrisy
We believe a diploma proves anything

Suddenly, this phase of realization disappears. You are contempt in only thinking about your own insignificant problems and positive thoughts begin to fill your mind. Slogans such as “Hope and Change” and other cliché crap take a hold of you. You became happy and optimistic. You continue the life you had dismissing these realizations until the next “click” occurs.

The same cycle continues. You become angry that you have uncovered your true settings then you dismiss these thoughts. You continue this cycle until you die.

Then you are happy.



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