Protests in Greece turn ugly; PM to retire

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

After 22 days of peaceful protests by thousands of individuals a handful of masked youths have created chaos in the center of Athens by throwing stones at police, burning garbage and getting into fights with peaceful protestors who tried to stop them from creating any greater harm. Meanwhile, the socialist government in power is slowly dying off as members of the party are either quitting their position or looking for new leadership. The prime minister, Papandreou even went as far as requesting a unity government with the opposition in order to calm the nerves of the thousands of protestors. The opposition party however would only accept these terms only if the prime minister would retire and that the IMF terms were re-examined. In response the Greek prime minister said that his position does not matter and is willing to leave the leadership to another individual. As such there seems to be some hope in Greece as rumour are once again spreading that there are only a handful of days left before the bailout money will be accepted.

Update: I wrote this in the morning and went out for some shopping. When I returned the PM of Greece went back on his word and stated the same sad story how he will continue his “work” alone for the good of the country. It seems some politicians are truly sold out and lack any real patriotic spirit.


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