Libya: A chess game? Not really.

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday Libyan state television depicted the true leader of the state Gaddafi playing chess with the  Russian head of the World Chess federation. It has been four months since the barbaric assaults on Libya began in which CIA funded “revolutionaries” took arms against Gaddafi and brought the once prosperous African country to it knees. Libya is essentially divided in two with the rebels controlling the key oil deposits and are willing to sell these vital Libyan assets for weapons and not for the good of the Libyan people. It is common knowledge that the “revolutionaries” have roots with islamic roots and it is laughable that the “true voice of Libya” has never stated what they intend to do if they win this civil war which is almost guaranteed with the amount of support they are receiving from the corrupt members of NATO and from the agencies of the financial crippled United States. It is only a matter of time before the Gaddafi regime topples over, supplies are running low and there seems to be no international uproar over what is occurring in this region of the world. Once again the world stands still as thousands of innocent civilians lose their lives from greedy sub humans seeking to profit from misery. Its shocking knowing that no protests will occur in the countries that are participating in this massacre. The media has done a fine job in once again feeding lies to the mass public. I might as well be the first to say this: Farewell Libya.


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