Obama hero of any other country but America

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel dined together and spoke about various topics such as the massacre occurring in Libya, the “threat” in Iran and the economic crisis in Europe. In all three topics of discussion both Obama and Merkel depicted just how useless they are as world leaders. Both leaders had nothing new to say on either on these topics and were just rehashing age-old propaganda that has been disproved a hundred times over. While discussing Iran,both Merkel and Obama were apparently distraught over Iran and its nuclear energy citing that more sanctions would be needed in order to stop the evil Iranians despite no hard evidence that the Iranian regime is pursuing nuclear weapons. While discussing Libya the same tape recorder was being played with Obama urging for more support to the Libyan rebels despite evidence tracing them to hardcore jihadist groups. While discussing the economic crisis in Europe both warned that if Greece would to default on its debt it would brig disastrous implications for the U.S economy.  As stated before the same bullshit was being told.

However what really bothered me was how Obama and Merkel would rather meddle into the affairs of other countries instead of solving their own problems at home. Rather than look at Greece as being the problem child of the world economy shouldnt Obama be trying to pay off the $14 trillion deficit that the United States owns? Instead of urging for more war and bloodshed shouldnt Obama be putting all his efforts into saving the United States economy? Instead we have a president who is too busy going on worldwide trips saying the same bullshit to other useless world leaders instead of trying to diffuse the economic time bomb that it ready to explode in the United States. There is so much worry over Greece defaulting on its debts but little to no concern over the  economic status of  the world power that makes it seem as if the world powers are run either by inbred children or by truly stupid individuals that they choose to ignore the United States economic crisis and instead look at the  economic problems of a tiny country such as Greece.

The question that remains is what will happen when the United States defaults on its debts? It seems that this event is only a matter of time. There are no programs which are being implemented in somehow paying off such a debt that the only logical conclusion would be that the United States will simple default on its debts and go bankrupt. Once the United States defaults on its debt wont that have  “disastrous”  implications for the world economy? Apparently for the Nobel Peace prize winner and Merkel (who was rewarded the  presidential Medal of Freedom for her work to ‘unify Europe’ ) such simple questions are hard to comprehend and it seems it is much easier to just babble like an idiot in front of the whole world.


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