Europe finally woke up!

May 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Yesterday something amazing happened in Europe. To be more precise something extraordinary occurred in Greece the country now associated with a crumbling economy, a disgustingly high debt and a population of apparently lazy thieving individuals. However yesterday a miracle happened, thousands of Greeks finally woke up!  Over 80,000 Greeks took to the streets chanting in one voice, no ridiculous party colors were in the sea of people. It was a plethora of people all under one flag all pissed as hell from the state their country is in due to the IMF and Euro zone measures. Sure, the Spanish had to do it first but that’s not the point. It is amazing (and sad) that it actually took this long for both the Spanish and the Greeks to hold such protests. This should have occurred the moment these two joined the European Union!

What has the European Union actually offer these countries other than debt and illegal immigrants? The European Union hasn’t offered anything to any of the members of the pseudo union other than Germany who is profiting from the collapse of the other European states.  So many European countries have taken IMF blood money in order to ‘survive’ a little longer. Poland, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Latvia (etc.) have all been forced to take IMF loans, have all been to forced to make cuts in their own countries in order to ensure European Union membership and for what? The European Union has done nothing but made Europe weaker than it already was.

It is sad to see these once great European countries at such a state of economic ruin. Both countries have offered a lot to the shaping of the world and to see them in such a state is truly a crime. I believe there is still time to make amends however. Sadly, it would require the politicians of these countries to actually start caring about their countries and the people they govern to grow some balls and actually leave the Eurozone. It would require them to default of debts that are truly unfair and totalitarian to the citizens living in these countries. It would require going back to the old currencies which allowed these countries to grow and have the wealth they had before they joined the Eurozone.

Only then will the problem be solved.


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