Redrawing the Map of the Middle East

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

In this post from a few days ago, a map showing a radically different map of the Middle East from the early 20th century was posted at the bottom of the blog. Redesigning the Middle East has been on the minds of many ever since as this 2006 article shows. Below is the map from that link:

Like practically the entire continent of Africa, the Middle East was drawn up in Paris during the Paris Peace Conference more famously known for the Treaty of Versailles. It was there in 1919 that the Allied Powers got together and carved up the defeated Ottoman Empire. The modern Middle East is the result of that Conference. The map of the Middle East will have to be redrawn if there is to be stability in the area. Whether or not the Americans have been or are conspiring to radically change the face of the Muslim world, massive geopolitical change will have to occur. The map posted above is truer to the real makeup of the Arab world. Sunnis and Shiites have been living together in a uneasy peace since early in the last century.

Thus if there is to be peace in that part of the world, with or without American intervention, the current map will have to look like, at best, something like the above or at worst will be divided into almost innumerable patches of land ruled over by endlessly squabbling tribes. This is evident in Lybia where, currently, that conflict has been defined by tribal loyalties and not simply by pro or anti-Western activity. In 1919 tribal societies had been transformed into nation states with the use of pencil and eraser. Now the eraser is coming out.

This must literally be true, at least to me, in the Arabian Peninsula where it seems best to wager that the area will probably become a vast borderless area more like that outlined in the Bernard Lewis map. Yemen, for example was split into two until about a decade ago and is currently being fraught by a conflict that seeks to restore that condition.

In short there really isn’t much hope for the Middle East, but there will be definitely be change.


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