The Simple Truth: Israel does not want peace

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Year after year the same story is played. Israel suppresses the Palestinian people with the most barbaric means through unprovoked killings, withholding vital supplies to the Palestinian people, breaking truces with Hamas/Fatah, provoking civil conflict between Hamas and Fatah and by slowly eating away at the Palestinian lands through illegal settlements. When Israel realizes they’ve been a bit too Nazi like and that the world hates them for their tyrant like behaviour several random rockets appear injuring few and killing (by some miracle) one or two Israelites. The ‘choosen people’ respond with the continued destruction of the already improvised Palestinian territories as some sort of retribution. The concept of revenge and outright killing of gentiles being brainwashed into the very essence of the IDF.

It’s the same bloody story. People will cry and bitch saying the United Nations should do something and that peace can occur one day with both sides living in harmony but the simple truth is Israel does not want peace.

Why would Israel ever want peace?!?

If it did the billions of dollars  from the U.S would stop flowing. The myth that Israel lives in constant fear would cease to exist and the image that Jews and Israel are the scapegoats/victims of the world would fade away. Such a move would destroy Israel from within, the all-powerful Orthodox Jews would never settle for peace with a gentile. It just goes against the Torah.

It fits in the interest of Israel to keep Palestine as a refugee state  without the basic essentials of life. Factories that produce babies milks and the sole electrical plant that provides heat and light are obviously just luxuries that can be bombed at will. By keeping the Palestinian people in such barbaric conditions and fueling more individuals to become radical jihadists allows for the state of Israel to exist and function properly.

Without the hate, without the constant threat of war and utter destruction the state of Israel cannot exist.

That is the simple truth.


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