Divide and Conquer: A true reality?

May 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

The phrase “divide and conquer” has been synonymous with the greatest military minds in history such as Julius Ceaser and Sun Tzu. To the global elite who govern us the phrase ‘divide and conquer’ is being used literally on whole countries in order to pursue their goals. This strategy can be seen in the Middle East where dozens of ‘revolutions’ are occurring to topple age-old despots who are useless to the global elite.

One can look no further than the growing unrest that is occurring in Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Egypt.Nor can one ignore the growing tension growing in Israel as they scramble to finally finish off Palestine. While Turkey struggles to rule as stronger Kurdish attacks are to occur.

Already the media machine has begun its war mongering. Already it has began to brainwash ignorant Americans that Pakistan is a true terrorist state. That it was actually hiding Osama bin Laden and it is funding extremists. Pakistan is already faces its own problems the most important being the differing views amongst its tribes of people who with a American funded “revolution” will surely balkanize the region.

Already Iraq has collapsed. While Saddam Hussein was a tyrant he still kept the country together. The Sunni’s and Shiite populations were under control and living in harmony. Now that harmony has been distrubted by foreign intervention, the country is in economic ruin and the people are in disarray. Already Iran has been isolated from the world. The image that the country is run by some sort of Nazi that is trying to create nuclear weapons is still fresh in the minds of the sheeple. As Israel runs training operations in Iraq with the blessing of the United States and the UN Iran can only wait for the inevitable.

One must understand how this whole thing has been planned ages ago. How these revolutions are only a step to a greater catastrophe that being World War III. The global elites have already began their plan. The Middle East is falling apart with pseudo states ready to emerge. Soon our maps of the Middle East will truly be like those proposed by Bernard Lewis.


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