Why Greece is doomed.

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Why is Greece doomed?  Is it because of the huge debt  that has been accumulated that is killing the markets slowly? Is it because of the new austerity measures being implemented by the IMF?  Is it because of  Turkey’s ever-growing presence in the Aegean Sea?

The reasons above could very well be the reason Greece is doomed to failure. However the biggest threat to the country that gave birth to democracy and spread its values and culture to the rest of the world are political families. Political families in Greece have been running the show for quite some time

How long you may ask?

Oh, just about 35 years or so. In any other country this would seem bizarre,. Yet in Greece it seemed the most logical route to take.That was until the recent economic recession which has been cutting wages left and right and is destined to have severe budget cuts in health, education and economic development in order to pay off the INTEREST from the loans gained from the Euro zone and the IMF (of course without asking the general populace of Greece because clearly political families in the country know what they are doing).It’s almost laughable to look at the modern history of Greece without noticing how blatantly obvious it is that the country has been ruined by political families, by the government itself. It’s also laughable to see how these same families reject any sort responsibility to the crippled economy and the $300 billion debt the country owns  to the loan sharks in the Euro zone and IMF.

Just take a look at the  recent history of Greece and who governed after the Junta in 1967 -1974. But before that it should be noted that families such as Papandreou, Karamanlis, Venizelo, and Mitsotakis  played a major role in the creation of the current policies.


1974-1981 Karamanlis

1981- 1989 Papandreo PASOK

1990-1993 Mitsotakis

1993- 1996 Papandreou

1996- 2007 Simitis (key members from the Papandreou &Venizelo family)

2004- 2009 Karamanlis

2009- present Papandreou

Wow, would you look at that. It’s as if the monarchy never left! What was the point of the monarchy leaving if the country is still governed by families who act and spend as if they are monarchs? The economy doesn’t just fuck up. It fucks up because of those who govern. To say in simplest terms these families governed with scandals and lies that left the Greek economy to what is now. The fault lies not only in these political families that govern so horribly but also to the masses who CONTINUE TO VOTE THEM IN!  To say it in the simplest terms the people who now bitch and complain about the state Greece is in are the same people who allowed the country to reach such a humiliating conditions in which an exodus from the Euro zone seems like the only way to survive from utter bankruptcy…

or you could take Max Keisers take on the crisis occuring in Greece



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