Why Should Ron Paul be President?

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

This blog, as you may have noticed, supports the ideas of freedom and prosperity all over the world. We therefore believe that in the United States, Ron Paul is the candidate who best personifies these ideas. He trumps (pun intended) all other candidates from both parties through his principled stance against statist tyranny over the many decades that he has been active in politics. The only thing holding back a Paul Administration is the American people. It is imperative that they be as brave Paul has been in standing up for liberty all these years; they must vote for the most principled, the most outspoken, the most modest candidate that has run for the Presidency since Barry Goldwater in the 60s. Casting a ballot in primaries or in November is not the only way to show support. Write letters to the editor, organize meetings in your neighbourhood, or put up Ron Paul signs on your lawn. Show your love of the Constitution and of individual freedom in general.

Why do all this?

The United States is, even in its current form, a beacon to the rest of the world. A world that, unlike America, has never known freedom and individual liberty and has never reaped the blessings of a free market. It has a burden, a duty, to set itself up as an example for the world to follow. It can spread freedom and democracy around the world by voting for and supporting what made America great and when this happens, these ideas will spread around the world without the use of guns and bombs. Freedom lovers across the world will be watching, supporting, and encouraging the Revolution because a vote for Ron Paul in America is a vote for freedom across the whole world.


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