Obama deserves to be re-elected, Americans feel safe…WTF?

May 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

According to a poll conducted by Associated Press –GfK Obama’s approval ratings has hit its highest point in two years. From a low of 40% it has sky rocketed to 60%, all because Osama bin Laden has been “officially” killed. Apparently more people feel safer and are ‘relieved’ that bin Laden was assassinated by orders from the same man who won the Nobel Peace Prize. Apparently it is that easy to forget how little Obama has actually done since he has been elected and how his promises of hope of change have done little it not anything for the United States. It is quite puzzling to understand how 73% believe that Obama can handle terrorist threat seeing as his actions have only fueled resentment against the United States. Despite the media not discussing the several proxy wars Obama has initiated it is quite clear that there is growing unrest in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan due to the routine bombings occurring in their countries from the United States in the form of unmanned drones. In Pakistan for instance the death toll from these terrorist attacks has reached over 2,000. In Yemen the United States is blindly shooting these things in an attempt to kill one man while killings and injuring hundreds of others. These terrorist actions committed by the United States only push individuals who have lost their loved ones to become fanatic jihadists. If the United States truly wanted to be safe it would simply have to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. Stop invading and bombing countries you’re not at war with to kill off a  mystical organization. It really is that simple. Of course to the masses this all doesn’t make much sense to them, they will continue to foolishly agree with the illegal actions committed by their dear leader and lie to themselves that they are “freeing” the world from terrorism.


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