The tale of Abu-Ayyub al-Masri and how it allowed the Osama tale to exist

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The whole Osama bin Laden death story has been in the works for years. I can say this with much confidence based on the many lies that stream from the mass media and the countless ‘feeder’ stories which are released to the public. These stories are simply put out to see the reaction of Average Joe, to see if the public would notice any changes in the facts. If the masses do notice the obvious fallacies the story is killed off only to be released at a different time. If the changes in the story are accepted as fact with little to no opposition than it is safe to say another similar story will be released, a story that is likely to be 10 times greater of importance.

The ‘feeder’ story that allowed the Osama bin Laden raid story to exist was (in my opinion) the Abu Ayyub al- Masri tale. Ayyub al- Masri was apparently a high-ranking official in the Al- Qaeda branch in Iraq where he was an expert in explosives and was the reason there were so many road side bombs or something like that. The man could have simply never existed, the similarities with his tale to that of Osama are interesting.

In both instances both men are reported dead at a given time only to resurrected and killed again. In both instances both men are simply just suspects with no hard evidence linking them to any terrorist activities. In both cases four dead men and some women are found in the compound in which the suspect was hiding. In both cases “vital information that could destroy Al-Qaeda” are reportedly just siting in a room waiting to be used by American forces. Coincidence?

Abu Ayyub Tale of Resurrection

Reported dead in 2006

Dead again in 2007

Escaped prison in 2008 despite being killed

Killed yet again 2010

There was no uproar from the masses. No one seemed to care. The media outlets didn’t bother to say anything like
“What? Didn’t you already capture him after he was killed?!?”. The people soon forgot about this man with the funny name. He was a terrorist he deserved to die what did it matter if the story changed several times in such a short time. The ‘feeder’ story was a success, the masses were clueless and the Osama Death story would be born.


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