Cost of the “War on Terror”

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

With the ‘official’ death of Osama comes the end of an era. Dont be shocked when in the latter months as Obama campaigns to be  re-elected branches of Al-Qaeda begin to fall apart and other “leaders” of this make-believe organization are suddenly dying in gun fights thus signalling the end of this campaign and making our dear leader Obama look like some sort of messiah. As such it is only fitting to get an understanding of the total cost of the “War on Terror”.

Before we get into tallying the cost of the war on terror it is vital to understand that Al- Qaeda does not exist. It never existed. It is simply a lie to continue military spending, to continue to make a few select individuals richer at the expense of many. It was created to work on the fears of the public to essentially fill the void left behind after the collapse of the Soviet Union. There had to be a new bogey man and that was Al- Qaeda. Remember children, War is peace.

This little video from BBC news explains how Al- Qaeda is a fabrication.

So, how much has this war on terror cost the taxpayers? How much money  has been lost chasing after a fictional organization and a man who died years ago from kidney failure?

In economic terms around  $1.215 trillion. That’s how much Amerika has spent on chasing after the bogey man. Since September 11,2001 $1.2 trillion was put into invading foreign countries and killing innocent bystanders. This number is supposed to rise if the next war funding request is approved to a total of $1.4 trillion and again to $1.8 trillion in  2025 (under the assumptions that troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan drastically fall and that America’s economy is actually still holding out which I find highly unlikely).

The good news? At least opium production  in Afghanistan is  on the rise! HOORAY!

Instead of actually helping the economy that dreadfully needs this sort of money it is wasted away on some rich fucks to continue to manufacture weapons while innocent children get blown apart. It’s like as if the American economy doesn’t need any help. It’s like they don’t owe any money once so ever. It’s as if China isn’t buying all the U.S bonds, gold and silver. It’s not like cities like Detroit are going completely to the shit. Everything is fine and dandy. It must feel good to be led by such leaders who bring the U.S economy to its tip-top shape.

Now, excuse me while I take my medicine.


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