Keep the ball rolling… The Osama lie continues

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The U.S government is once again trying to pull wool over your eyes in order to keep the well oiled propaganda machine running.  Obvious questions that arose after the alleged death of Osama bin Laden have been answered! Rejoice! We can now sleep peacefully!

A picture of a slain Osama bin Laden would be “inflammatory” and the White House is trying to be sensitive due to the gruesome  images about to be released.

Yes. Wonderful, after nearly a decade of constant war where thousands of  innocent individuals have been maimed and killed, in a decade where innocent prisoners were sodomized and photographed in a decade where American kill teams roam foreign countries and pose next to the bodies of innocent children the government is now suddenly being sensitive due to the gruesome photograph which apparently exists.

Are you fucking with me??!

It is also important to note how the official story is slowly changing now. This is all standard procedure. Remember how the Iraq story started? Do you remember how it ended? The story went through as many crossovers as there are Star Trek series. The same is happening with the Osama Death story.

Now instead of just 4 individuals in the compound there were over 23 children and nine women. No mention of any other armed men other than 2 brothers that apparently owned the compound. Are you sure this was a terrorist hideout or a day care center?? This is where the #1 man decided to hide out?  In an area routinely blasted by U.S drones and a kilometer or so away from a Pakistani army base??

But lets ignore the above, read this gem:

The assault team came away with hard drives, DVDs, documents and more that might tip U.S. intelligence to al-Qaeda’s operational details and perhaps lead the manhunt to the presumed next-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri. The CIA is already going over the material.

Not only was Osama bin Laden virtually surrounded by women and children not only was he not armed (bin Laden was not armed but was shot and killed when he “resisted.”) he also had the plans and contacts  of Al- Qaeda in his possession in his utterly defenceless compound!


There is no doubt in my mind by the end of this month the story would have changed a hundred more times. I wouldn’t be shocked if suddenly ‘al-Qaeda’ disappeared and stopped being a threat to humanity. Oh well, at least now Obama will have more supporters he did save Amerika afterall…


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