The world laughs as Libya burns

May 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I always thought Muammar Gaddafi was batshit insane, the guy is surrounded by female bodyguards, he’s so batshit paranoid he sleeps in a tent and refuses to travel in a plane for longer than 2-3 hours. Lets not forget the dress code which I swear is the clothing of the future.

Just look at him:

My opinion on the guy didn’t change during the start of the Libyan Crisis where he had ordered his army to shoot down peaceful protestors. However, at this point i had no idea who the hell the opposition was.. These “reformers” as the mass media states. The main question that has never been resolved is why did this uprising begin out of the blue? Gaddafi has been in power for over 40 years and despite being bat shit insane he was the man who provided Libyans some of the most basic necessities which were lacking.

Like roads. Hospitals. Running water. Shit most African countries can only dream of.

But the fact that Libya is one the most developed nations in Africa due to this one man is downplayed and never discussed in the mass media. To the mass media Gaddafi is a bloodthirsty liar who believes these reformers are from Al Qaeda. Laugh at him the television says and the vast majority of the world does.

“Haha, look at that crazy asshole” the sheeple say

But does he have a point?

I can honestly say i was part of the sheeple until I decided to search the internet (god bless it) and came upon this:

Now, I don’t believe al-Qaeda even exists for a boatload of reasons but that’s not the issue today.

The issue is these reformers. These people who fight for FREEDOM! FOR EQUALITY! FOR DEMOCRACY!

These same “reformers” which are fighting for “democracy” in Libya are the  same fundamental Islamists that went to Iraq and Afghanistan to help out in the insurgency. The same people who have links to ‘Al-Qaida’. In simpler terms, the bad guys according to the powers in charge.

So why are the major powers so supportive of these individuals? Why is there such an uproar against Gaddafi now? Didnt the world powers know who they were selling weapons ( to a bloodthirsty tyrant who kills its own protestors? (the only evidence is coming from grainy videos and posts from random people on twitter ).

I wish I knew the answers. I can only guess and pose questions which will probably never be answered in my lifetime.

Some possible reasons:

1) Libya has oil

A lot of people seem to point towards this notion saying Gaddafi was ready to nationalize all the oil ports and such but is waging war for such a valuable commodity counter productive? The money, time and resources wasted on this expedition would clearly outweigh any financial gain from securing oil in Libya.

2) Humanitarian Intervention

Probably the most bullshit reason. If the UN suddenly gave two shits about tyrants and despots the UN would be in constant war. Countries like Israel would have a no fly zone, North Korea wouldnt exist, Saudi Arabia wouldnt exist, tyrants in Burma, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Congo would be persecuted and executed. The list can go on and go. This issue isn’t because the world powers suddenly started to care about Bob in Benghazi it’s rather more political.


Is it a coincidence the only countries not in AFRICOM are beyond hope and in civil strife? Just take a look, the countries not in AFRICOM are either facing economic ruin, in some sort of civil strife or a combination of the two.

4) Disrupt Chinese and Russian economic progress

It’s a hunch which would require more research on my part. From the random news bits its seems clear that both China and Russia have some vested interest in the country.

Anyways, Gaddafi may be insane. He may be a tyrant. He may be a terrorist sympathizer. He may be all these things but please don’t just accept the mass media as if it’s some sort of absolute fact.  Search a bit, read some other opinions. We live in the age of the Internet knowledge is literally everywhere!

Please, don’t  just laugh every time Gaddafi pops onto the screen and say “Ha, Charlie Sheen got nothing on this guy !! LOL”


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