Is China the next America? Part 2: A fake economy

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The rise of China in the last 30 years has seen monumental changes in the way the world functions. The market reforms that began in China during the late 70’s have shown a growth of 10 percent per year with economists saying that such a rapid growth may overcome the US economy, “The implications of China’s continued rapid growth include China’s overtaking the U.S. in overall GDP terms sometime around 2040. Such a large and fast-growing economy will change global patterns of production, trade, and pricing, and also implies adjustments in the balance of global military force projection capabilities.” However, by examining China’s economic practices and environmental problems it is clear that China is not a rising economic star that will topple the United States as an economic powerhouse.

Through calculations by the World Bank it appeared that China was close to catching up with the United States however through revised calculations, “The size of China’s economy is overestimated by some 40 percent”. These revisions included, the prices of goods and services that a country produces and compares countries GDP by converting each country’s product into dollars. This new revision provides a greater insight at China’s society where, “Under the new estimates, the number of Chinese living on less than $1 a day …is nearly 300 million. The earlier estimates put that figure at 100 million.”This puts the difference in U.S. and Chinese living standards much larger than previously thought, “the United States has the largest and most technologically advanced economy in the world, with a per capita GDP of $43,500. China’s per capita GDP is $7,600”Through the manipulation of its currency China is able to enhance its international competitiveness, “Economists are saying Beijing has kept its currency artificially low to keep the prices of its goods cheap and generate trade surpluses”This tactic has violated all established currency manipulation standards putting China at odds with the US, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) who argue “the yuan is undervalued by 40%”If China continues to artificially manipulate its economy the country will be hurt in the long run due to an overheated economy and inflation increases. As such both the United States and China are facing the sever problems with their country, with China undervaluing their currency and with the United States continuing to print out money (despite having such a high deficit)  it is difficult to say which country is doing better overall if  in both scenarios their real economy is never shown. With its population this poor, China will not be able to raise enough revenue for the vast military build-up needed to challenge the United States and this is excluding the vast environmental problems China faces which will discussed in the next part of this series.


Europe finally woke up!

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Yesterday something amazing happened in Europe. To be more precise something extraordinary occurred in Greece the country now associated with a crumbling economy, a disgustingly high debt and a population of apparently lazy thieving individuals. However yesterday a miracle happened, thousands of Greeks finally woke up!  Over 80,000 Greeks took to the streets chanting in one voice, no ridiculous party colors were in the sea of people. It was a plethora of people all under one flag all pissed as hell from the state their country is in due to the IMF and Euro zone measures. Sure, the Spanish had to do it first but that’s not the point. It is amazing (and sad) that it actually took this long for both the Spanish and the Greeks to hold such protests. This should have occurred the moment these two joined the European Union!

What has the European Union actually offer these countries other than debt and illegal immigrants? The European Union hasn’t offered anything to any of the members of the pseudo union other than Germany who is profiting from the collapse of the other European states.  So many European countries have taken IMF blood money in order to ‘survive’ a little longer. Poland, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Latvia (etc.) have all been forced to take IMF loans, have all been to forced to make cuts in their own countries in order to ensure European Union membership and for what? The European Union has done nothing but made Europe weaker than it already was.

It is sad to see these once great European countries at such a state of economic ruin. Both countries have offered a lot to the shaping of the world and to see them in such a state is truly a crime. I believe there is still time to make amends however. Sadly, it would require the politicians of these countries to actually start caring about their countries and the people they govern to grow some balls and actually leave the Eurozone. It would require them to default of debts that are truly unfair and totalitarian to the citizens living in these countries. It would require going back to the old currencies which allowed these countries to grow and have the wealth they had before they joined the Eurozone.

Only then will the problem be solved.

Is China the next America? Part 1: The ‘death’ of the American Founding Fathers

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The American Founding Fathers believed that the United States of America would be a beacon of freedom for the entire world. Sixth US President John Adams told Congress that America “goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.” That was a self-evident truth for almost a century until in 1898 when under shadowy pretexts, the United States declared war on the Spanish Empire and came out victorious four months later and in possession of Philippines, Cuba and a number of islands. It became embroiled in both the First and Second World War although most citizens were against America’s entry in the European fray. American Marines were stationed all over Latin America throughout the 20th century propping up murderous regimes in their fight against communism and on the behalf of large companies.In Korea and Vietnam tens of thousands of men were lost in undeclared illegal wars. After the fall of communism in the early 1990s however, many believed an era of peace would begin: the end of history was upon us. George W. Bush Sr. nevertheless took the opportunity to invade Iraq and Bill Clinton bombed Somalia and Serbia. All these military operations were conducted under the pretext of spreading the American values of ‘peace and democracy’ but have not been without consequences.

In the past few years, much has been written about the eventual decline and fall of American hegemony with many holding the belief that a ‘New World Order’ will soon arise without America as a central and pivotal player. The actions taken by the United States in response to the September 11 attacks by the Republican Bush Administration are believed to have led to the current problems facing the entire world. With the economic rise of China, the endless wars in the Middle East region and the with the financial crisis occurring in the United States one can sense the eventual collapse of the leading global imperial power. However, despite these conditions occurring in the United States it would be ignorant to simply state that China will become the next super world power. China also has a stream of problems ranging from its economy, its environmental conditions and the rising social problems occurring in the country. As such each of the social factors will be examined in the following blogs posts and eventually we will see whether or not China is indeed the next world power and will replace the American Hegemony.

Redrawing the Map of the Middle East

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In this post from a few days ago, a map showing a radically different map of the Middle East from the early 20th century was posted at the bottom of the blog. Redesigning the Middle East has been on the minds of many ever since as this 2006 article shows. Below is the map from that link:

Like practically the entire continent of Africa, the Middle East was drawn up in Paris during the Paris Peace Conference more famously known for the Treaty of Versailles. It was there in 1919 that the Allied Powers got together and carved up the defeated Ottoman Empire. The modern Middle East is the result of that Conference. The map of the Middle East will have to be redrawn if there is to be stability in the area. Whether or not the Americans have been or are conspiring to radically change the face of the Muslim world, massive geopolitical change will have to occur. The map posted above is truer to the real makeup of the Arab world. Sunnis and Shiites have been living together in a uneasy peace since early in the last century.

Thus if there is to be peace in that part of the world, with or without American intervention, the current map will have to look like, at best, something like the above or at worst will be divided into almost innumerable patches of land ruled over by endlessly squabbling tribes. This is evident in Lybia where, currently, that conflict has been defined by tribal loyalties and not simply by pro or anti-Western activity. In 1919 tribal societies had been transformed into nation states with the use of pencil and eraser. Now the eraser is coming out.

This must literally be true, at least to me, in the Arabian Peninsula where it seems best to wager that the area will probably become a vast borderless area more like that outlined in the Bernard Lewis map. Yemen, for example was split into two until about a decade ago and is currently being fraught by a conflict that seeks to restore that condition.

In short there really isn’t much hope for the Middle East, but there will be definitely be change.

The Joys of Non Intervention

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Constant propaganda from imperialist and warmongering politicians of all stripes (with a few notable exceptions) has them claiming that a non-interventionist foreign policy is equal to ‘isolationism’. This is false simply because no country can in this day and age isolate itself from the world. In a by gone era both Japan and China did exactly that and history shows that they fared badly because of it. Also, no one actually wants to sever all ties with the rest of the world.

So what would be the benefits of non-interventionism then?

Well for starters countries would be saving boatloads of money and debt that could either be saved, not borrowed at all, or utilized domestically. Actually, the best possibility would be to have that money returned directly to the taxpayer. Next, worldwide conflicts would dissipate more quickly or simply become irrelevant to the vast majority of people; the situations in the Middle East and Central Asia, or even more specifically, the ongoing and tedious conflict in the Holy Land.

Further, the global image of that country that chooses peace, trade, and communication over guns, bombs, and never ending wars would increase dramatically. No more dealing with terrorists hell bent on killing their enemy either in their country or abroad.

My personal favorite is that one wouldn’t have to bother keeping up with events in countries most other people have never heard of simply because their government thought that it looked like a decent target in a moment of martial unthinkingness (which seems to happen quite often these days).

In short a foreign policy of non-intervention means there is more peace, prosperity, and liberty all over the world. What could possibly be wrong with that?

The Simple Truth: Israel does not want peace

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Year after year the same story is played. Israel suppresses the Palestinian people with the most barbaric means through unprovoked killings, withholding vital supplies to the Palestinian people, breaking truces with Hamas/Fatah, provoking civil conflict between Hamas and Fatah and by slowly eating away at the Palestinian lands through illegal settlements. When Israel realizes they’ve been a bit too Nazi like and that the world hates them for their tyrant like behaviour several random rockets appear injuring few and killing (by some miracle) one or two Israelites. The ‘choosen people’ respond with the continued destruction of the already improvised Palestinian territories as some sort of retribution. The concept of revenge and outright killing of gentiles being brainwashed into the very essence of the IDF.

It’s the same bloody story. People will cry and bitch saying the United Nations should do something and that peace can occur one day with both sides living in harmony but the simple truth is Israel does not want peace.

Why would Israel ever want peace?!?

If it did the billions of dollars  from the U.S would stop flowing. The myth that Israel lives in constant fear would cease to exist and the image that Jews and Israel are the scapegoats/victims of the world would fade away. Such a move would destroy Israel from within, the all-powerful Orthodox Jews would never settle for peace with a gentile. It just goes against the Torah.

It fits in the interest of Israel to keep Palestine as a refugee state  without the basic essentials of life. Factories that produce babies milks and the sole electrical plant that provides heat and light are obviously just luxuries that can be bombed at will. By keeping the Palestinian people in such barbaric conditions and fueling more individuals to become radical jihadists allows for the state of Israel to exist and function properly.

Without the hate, without the constant threat of war and utter destruction the state of Israel cannot exist.

That is the simple truth.

Divide and Conquer: A true reality?

May 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

The phrase “divide and conquer” has been synonymous with the greatest military minds in history such as Julius Ceaser and Sun Tzu. To the global elite who govern us the phrase ‘divide and conquer’ is being used literally on whole countries in order to pursue their goals. This strategy can be seen in the Middle East where dozens of ‘revolutions’ are occurring to topple age-old despots who are useless to the global elite.

One can look no further than the growing unrest that is occurring in Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Egypt.Nor can one ignore the growing tension growing in Israel as they scramble to finally finish off Palestine. While Turkey struggles to rule as stronger Kurdish attacks are to occur.

Already the media machine has begun its war mongering. Already it has began to brainwash ignorant Americans that Pakistan is a true terrorist state. That it was actually hiding Osama bin Laden and it is funding extremists. Pakistan is already faces its own problems the most important being the differing views amongst its tribes of people who with a American funded “revolution” will surely balkanize the region.

Already Iraq has collapsed. While Saddam Hussein was a tyrant he still kept the country together. The Sunni’s and Shiite populations were under control and living in harmony. Now that harmony has been distrubted by foreign intervention, the country is in economic ruin and the people are in disarray. Already Iran has been isolated from the world. The image that the country is run by some sort of Nazi that is trying to create nuclear weapons is still fresh in the minds of the sheeple. As Israel runs training operations in Iraq with the blessing of the United States and the UN Iran can only wait for the inevitable.

One must understand how this whole thing has been planned ages ago. How these revolutions are only a step to a greater catastrophe that being World War III. The global elites have already began their plan. The Middle East is falling apart with pseudo states ready to emerge. Soon our maps of the Middle East will truly be like those proposed by Bernard Lewis.

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