A boy and a girl

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The two became friends in short notice for they shared many dreams and desires. Things seemed to go quite nicely as the boy and girl could not find faults in each other. Well, that wasnt true. Both children had very fatal flaws. The boy was clumsy with his tongue, he would sometimes say things with no ill intention yet his words would hurt those he cared for. The girl was quite prideful and if someone were to hurt her pride she would lash out in anger.  Yet despite these fatal character flaws the two seemed to get along quite well for both knew each other very well.. well for a while that is.

On one particular day in which neither boy or girl remembers correctly, the boy forgot the girls illogical pride and spluttered out some nonsense. The girl in her prideful rage forgot the boy’s genetic flaw and cursed and shouted at the boy. After that day the two were never the same again. They drifted apart and their blossoming friendship ended.  It was as they say in those classy movies, it was a  “bitter sweet” ending .

Once in a while the boy would think of the friendship he had with the girl and sigh in disbelief. He would be overcome by sadness knowing his friendship with the girl was over. However, as the days went by the boy soon forgot about the girl made new friendships and led a pretty decent life.

*Moral of the story children:  When going into shady food joints always make sure theirs an escape route for your bowels*


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